Sunday, March 3, 2013

Urban Sketching - Crane Crawl, Cockatoo Island, Sydney.

The weather forecast for Saturday was very dismal with LOTS of rain. 12 sketchers made the journey via ferry out to Cockatoo Island in Sydney Harbour and found that weather forecast to be spot on.
It was my first time to the island which offers a great range of things to sketch - Convict, Ship Design, Industrial and Historic Residences Precincts. The focus for the sketching on this trip were the various cranes dotted around the island. However the heavy rain made this shortlived and forced us into the Industrial Precinct where we found huge rusting machinery to draw.
I divided my day into taking footage for a video and this drawing. I would love to tell you what it is but I truly have no idea. I'm assuming it was either part of a ship or machinery to perhaps make a ship. Anyway, I can say not knowing what I was drawing threw me a little. I struggled with the freedom of not having a preconceived idea of what it 'should' look like.
I'm keen to go out there again and see the other areas. Looks like a fun place to explore. A bright sunshiney day would have been a very different experience but the isolation, damp and sound of rain on the tin roof all added to the historic and peaceful atmosphere.


  1. Your sketch is GOOD, doesn't matter what the subject is. I must say your video is excellent. You are a lady of many talents. Well done!
    Anne xx

    1. Thank you Anne! The video was good to make. It helped me see things from another perspective. I think I'd go back and draw things differently now I've reviewed the footage from the day - and of course seeing how other people choose to interpret the same surroundings is also very interesting and helps me to learn too.


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