Thursday, January 1, 2015

Sketching in Melbourne

During a family trip to Geelong in December, my sister Suzette, my niece and I squeezed in a day trip to Melbourne. There is an overwhelming number of buildings I'd like to sketch there but many of them would take me 2 hours. So as not to bore my poor companions too much, we settled for a café in Hardware Lane in the morning and sketched this view from the outside tables. Lots of great little places to eat along this street.
On short notice we were also able to meet with fellow Urban Sketchers, Evelyn and Janice for lunch. I enjoy the fact that Urban Sketchers has created community both online and in real life that it is so easy to catch up with these friends and fill a couple of hours with talk of sketching, materials and travel.


  1. Just great vibrancy in your work. I've enjoyed it for months on IG. And those people! Love that style.
    Glad to have checked out your blog.


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