Thursday, April 24, 2014

Beach Sketching

 Lately I've been sketching down by the water.

There are still many buildings I prefer sketched with closer observation and precision, but sitting on the sand or hillside, overlooking crashing waves and enjoying a sea breeze tends to push the need for accuracy aside and respond more in colour and play.
Here's the Freshwater Beach Ocean Bath with a view to Manly Beach in the distance. A Pied Cormorant, one of my favourite birds of the area, sits high atop the light pole. Observing all and preparing to dive for its next fish.

An IRB (inflatable rescue boat) ready to go out in last week's heavy swell.


  1. Hi, Chantal. Came over from SBS. You mentioned that blogging is losing out to other social media. Sigh. what a pity. The blog format is such an excellent tool over which one has some control. Oh, well. Enjoyed seeing your beautiful sketches and visiting. I noticed you went to the Cockatoo Island workshop--very exciting!
    best from Tunisia, nadia

  2. Great paintings. I especially like the loose 2nd one (in situ photo)


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