Friday, February 28, 2014

Sydney Sketch Club at Cafe Bones

Willow, Rocket and Humphrey

On a sunny weekend morning Sydney Sketch Club met to sketch dogs at Cafe Bones in Leichhardt. Expecting to find a couple of dogs content to sit still or perhaps even asleep was ridiculous of me in hindsight.  Dogs were running, playing, sniffing, barking - but of course never sitting perfectly still for a portrait! Even those kindly held for us by their owners constantly twitched their ears and turned their heads in all directions to the activity around them. But it was loads of fun and the perfect exercise for forcing to sketch fast which is what I  need. Will definitely go again. 


  1. ha ha there's no such thing as a still dog but you have done a great job!

    Come and visit me and sketch Degas!

    1. Thanks Sue! I think I will have to take my sketchbook to more dog owners homes in order to find some sleeping. I imagine you have to be very quick to sketch Degas :D

  2. It sounds like an excellent vibe, I bet cats are a lot easier to capture on the page than waggers!


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