Friday, September 6, 2013

Studying Tonal Value

It was our first outdoor session for Spring and clearly we weren't the only folk out to enjoy the season. In each direction something different - a wedding photo shoot, a dive class, film crew, mothers groups and screeching cockatoos overhead in the trees.
Ethna intent on her tonal value study

Liz had been exceptionally successful planning beautiful weather once again. At Balmoral Beach for our class on tonal value the sun shone brightly allowing us to study distinct areas of shade a cast shadow.
It can be a challenge for me to switch into the mode of analysing colour as tone. It's still yet to be that simple pleasure of drawing and playing with colour, but the result when the pic starts coming together is rewarding. We used PITT artist brush pens for the tone in this exercise. The final study on the bottom right is watercolour and ink. We've been drawing Stillman & Birn ALPHA A5 sketchbooks. This Stillman & Birn is proving to be a good size for class studies and the paper is working well under a variety of ink, watercolour pencils and watercolour. More on Liz Steel's class here.

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