Monday, June 17, 2013

Google Reader finishes on June 30 2013. Have you found an alternative?

I'm still a little surprised that Google Reader will cease to exist as of 1 July 2013. But there are of course other options to help you follow your favourite blogs. I rely quite heavily on facebook (I'm here) for news on what other sketchers are up to and for just a few of my very favourite blogs I subscribe via email (you can sign up to mine over there on the right). But I still like to wander through my blog feed occassionally and I've found Bloglovin' good for this.

How to Import Your RSS subscriptions from Google Reader to Bloglovin’

First, click here:
Then it will bring you to this page:

Click that blue button that says “Import from Google Reader”

UPDATE: Thanks to Liz, Lisa and Emily for your helpful suggestion. I'm giving Feedly a try now and its looking very good! It seems to offer many more things than just being a blog reader which is encouraging.

I also post to Flickr if that's more your style : )  You can find me here.

Do you have another way to follow blogs that's working well? I'm keen to know! Please share!


  1. I was never a very disciplined Google Reader user, but - I've recently switched to and I love it! It motivated me to clear out my blog reader and categorise the one's that are left (I love a good organisation spree!). Anyway, it's a nice interface AND I'm actually reading the blogs I love a bit more :)

    1. The second recommendation I've had for feedly today! Thanks Emily - I will be giving it a shot :)

  2. Hi, yes I've fallen in with Feedly too. It works well since most if the feeds I watch now are craft/cooking blogs, so lots of pictures to be featured in the feed reader.

    1. Thanks Lisa - I've started it but I think I will need a few tutorials to appreciate the bells and whistles. Looks like it has the potential to bring a lot of things beside blogposts together which is great. Visually looks great too!


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