Tuesday, September 18, 2012

Urban Sketching - Finding a spot of quiet

Each day I have drawn, since first starting my sketchbook last week. With it comes new lessons, be it in composition, colour, timing or even from just observing people or buildings in a way I usually don't stop for.

Today I positioned myself in a beachside cafe. I've not really tried to "rough" it yet. I still find a nice spot with good coffee as a priority over a great angle or subject.

I settled to draw this lady studying/working in the sunshine across the road. Her minimal surroundings meant I could draw just a few things and as she was focused on her work she wasn't constantly shifting about like the other people all around me chatting in the cafe.
I drew her figure first, and then her surroundings which paid off when she got up and left 10 mins after I started the drawing. Now to start reading more blogs and books on the art of Urban Sketching as I am sure there are many tricks to learn about maximising the short time of observation we may have to complete a drawing. 


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