Saturday, July 23, 2011

Tutorial: How to print onto fabric using a rubber stamp

This is a very simple process for making your own material tags or patches for quilts, dolls or any other item requiring your logo printed onto fabric.

What you'll need.

  • Fabric paint. The one I use (available in Australia) requires simple heat fixing using a hand iron for 2-3 minutes. Instructions for different brands and types vary, so best to read them before you purchase.
  • Fabric to print onto. I'm using unbleached cotton. You may want to consider the need to prewash your fabric depending on where the tags will be used.
  • Scissors
  • Scrap of felt at least the size of your stamp
  • Pen
  • Cardboard or paper to protect your table surface.
  • Spoon or paint brush
  • Your Stamp (a tutorial for making your own can be found here)

1. To create a stamp pad use the base of your fabric paint jar as a guide for a circle that will then be cut to sit inside your fabric paint lid. Please note this will only be useful if your stamp is smaller than the lid. If not, cut the felt about 1 cm larger than your stamp and apply the same steps below using an old plate.

2. Spoon a small amount of paint into the fabric paint lid, spread around and then lay the felt over the top. Push the felt onto the paint with the back of the spoon until the paint starts coming through the felt. Add a little extra paint to top of the felt if need be but be careful not to overload with paint or the stamp will not give you a clean print.

3. Press your stamp face down onto the paint, gently pushing down across the full area so that the coverage is even. Test your stamp on a scrap piece of fabric.

4. When finishing your first session of stamping, the felt can now remain in the lid whilst you fix it back on, ready to use again next time. Don't forget to heat set your stamped fabric as required by the instructions on your paint. Have fun!

There are stamps for printing with over here


  1. Thanks all for your feedback - hope you can use it : )

  2. You make it look so easy!
    I would love for you to show this off at my Wickedly Crafty Saturdays!

  3. Excellent tutorial :: I'm definitely going to try this! :)

  4. Cool! I want mushrooms on the legs of my jeans :)

  5. I love your tutorials. I'd like to give this a try one day. I'll bookmark it for later!

  6. You know, I had not even considered the fact that you may have a glad to have found you :)
    I have been wanting to stamp onto fabric for quite some time now but never knew what steps to take...this is a great tute and I am thinking I will need more stamps now :)


  7. Thanks for the tutorial, I was a bit frustrated with my ones!


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