Saturday, May 28, 2011

Bridget Farmer: Dry Point Etching Printing Process

Viewing new work from favourite artist's always excites me, and doubly so when they share their process too. I have previously mentioned the work of Bridget Farmer and how much I adore her bird etchings. 

Well now she has a beautiful new Pheasant Etching...

and has written a detailed post about her technique for inking the plate with various colours and the treatment of the paper and finally the printing. I find it all fascinating. Head over here to see for yourself!


  1. Thanks for the introduction Chantal, I'm popping over for a visit now.

    xx Felicity

  2. Glorious going to check out her site right now!

  3. It really is amazing, watching the process and the final print!! Thanks!

    ps. I did a blog post on etching finds on etsy inspired by this post, linked to you too hope that's OK :-)

  4. Hi Chantel, thanks so much for the blog post! I'm really enjoying your blog too, I've just bought myself some of those porcelain pens!
    I'm looking forward to returning to Australia in September and I hope to start up my own studio workshop where anyone interested is welcome to come and give etching a go! I'll be in the Ballarat, Castlemaine, Daylesford kind of area i think, if you're anywhere near there any time let me know!

  5. Thanks Bridget: ) I imagine your pen work on plates to be amazing. Would love to find out more about your workshops later in the year. I'm in NSW but I think a trip to a workshop would be a really lovely focus to build a trip around.

  6. What a handsome pheasant... I am off to explore more of Bridget's work.


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