Saturday, November 6, 2010

Where I find good cheer

Here are five artists who make me smile and inspire me in different ways.

Tommy Kane’s attention to detail in his line drawings and commitment to his art (including sitting outside on a tiny seat for hours) always impresses me.  I also love his very frank descriptions of his own work and his surroundings whilst he draws. 

Despite Bill's best arguments, Pamela was never going to concede that "less was more".
Vivienne Strauss-Stephens works in watercolours, oils and collage. I enjoy the way she injects humour, fashion and and social observations into her pieces.

Naomi Shiek uses knife and paper to create the the most beautiful woodland themed papercuts. I love her details, theme and composition and am the proud owner of some of her work!



  1. Hi Chantal,

    Thank you for sharing these links, I'm going to enjoy exploring their work too.

    Have a wonderful Sunday,

    x Felicity

  2. Thanks for sharing these links. I must go and investigate!

    Have you come across Geninne's Art Blog. It's really quite fabulous. I think you'd like it.

  3. Thanks Bernice! Geninne's was on a long list for this blog post : ) You're right, I do like it very much! Amongst other things she carves amazing stamps, draws delightful birds and uses a such a beautiful colour palette. For others her blog site is

  4. Great choices!! Love the children's style artists, gorgeous!! Love Posie

  5. I love the first one, the detail is amazing. Thanks for sharing. We'll need to go to the art gallery sometime and you can explain all the pictures to me.

  6. I was going to second Geninne as well. Also, Maira Kalman gets me every time! Love the work, will be sure to check them out!

  7. Kathryn I've not seen her work before. Thanks!


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