Thursday, August 19, 2010

Exploring the unknown, new energy, new skills, new knowledge...

Last night at 1.30am I finished listing my first items on my etsy shop. I was wide awake and not wanting to go to bed. A year ago, with two kids under age 4, I would have paid good money to be fast asleep with my head on my pillow. 

A couple of months ago I undertook an online course with Pikaland which really helped to kick my creativity back into action and I could not be more pleased. This isn't the only factor in my change in habits (thank you supportive husband, kids sleeping through, kids letting me do artwork at the kitchen table whilst they draw etc etc)  but it certainly lit the fire. I encourage anyone lacking motivation to get "out there" and mix it up with a course and other students. An online course such as the Pikaland bootcamp was perfect for me because although I chose to commit roughly 5 hours a week to the course I was able to do this whenever it suited me. Quite frankly, being online at 11pm at night in Australia was no disadvantage for communicating with students and tutors from all over the world.


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